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We exist to make corporate lending easy, transparent and efficient

We are a young, passoniate and resourceful team of individuals from various backgrounds and cultures. Our diversity is our strength; it allows us to learn from each other and to keep growing together.

Who we are

Trust, transparency, efficiency and ease; our principles are not just words, they translate into company values that we live by and apply every day in our work. Discover what drives and motivates some of our colleagues:


Our unique value proposition

Being able to build a platform that makes the process of drafting, reviewing, or negotiating different legal documents, accessible to every party involved in the process, has been a true motivation. Bondify offers a collection of tools with the aim of providing a unique experience.

Ariena, Legal Counsel


The excitement of a startup

While we have to maintain a clear roadmap we always welcome new ideas and initiatives. Working in a startup provides so many possibilities that everyday is different, and better than the last!

Balder, CEO


The challenge and the innovation

Our work at Bondify is both challenging and exciting. As a company, we aim to be at the forefront of legal technology, finding solutions to issues that have affected legal professionals for years, but also coming up with innovative approaches that can make drafting and negotiating more efficient for all parties involved.

Maria, Senior Legal Counsel


Our new Tech Stack

We had the full freedom in choosing our Tech Stack and we seized that opportunity to go full serverless using AWS. This is a great learning experience that would not have been possible in many companies; and the results are beyond our expectations.

Sergei, Back-End Developer


The flexible way of working

We all have experience working in agile environments, so we are very efficient with our scrum organization. Every feature has a technical and extensive business context available, from the request all the way to the review and testing.

Amine, Front-End Developer


Ambitious challenges

At Bondify we have to solve complicated problems when dealing with Natural Language Processing, it is imperative to understand the nature of our data and what works for it the best. It is exciting and something that motivates me everyday.

Omendra, ML Developer

Join our team

We believe our greatest asset is our people, and we are looking for those who love a challenge and are fearless of complexity.

Join our mission to change the world of finance.

Where we work

Our office is located in the CIC building - an innovation center at the heart of Rotterdam. This urban jungle offers bright meeting rooms, phonebooths, leisure rooms, kitchens and a dynamic community. Our office joins the weekly drinks in the Venture café and enjoys lunches on the vast rooftop.

photo by Stijn Poelstra
photo by Stijn Poelstra


The vibrant and modern architecture of the city creates a unique energy and endless inspiration. The city's multicultural character has drawn many internationals over the years, who brought their own influence and culture to the mix. Whether you are in the mood for a tasty Lebanese dinner, a locally brewed beer in the sun or an open air art festival, Rotterdam has it all!